In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First Light.”

Just trying to make habit of blog again, hoping for good 😉

First light


Love and Peace

Through the blue sky,

full of white pegions ready to fly

But, but

their feet are tied

And, their wings are cut

So, they can’t fly.


Seeing each other’s face

tears roll down

Nobody can stop their tears

Coz, all are bounded with

full of fears.


Now, its time to change

To throw all the fears

And stop their tears

Make them free

To spread love & peace

Just love & peace 🙂



My first amateur English poem ever, after which i didn’t try again

Finally, ….. :)

Finally, today on 30 Nov, 2012, here I am with my first step to blogging where I hope I am sharing my stuffs with you all since I am introvert type – a kinda more, though I enjoy making friends, hanging out with them and more I love to work with community.  Moreover, here I will be sharing my work experience with different people, different organizations, different events and different differences :).

Be Happy and Make Happy 🙂

Kind Regards,

Jaya 🙂